Ascot Pool with great view of Brisbane City

The Nasty’s hiding in your swimming pool

For decades Aussie’s have loved getting out and having a swim in their backyard pool, it’s a tradition of sorts. But how can you be sure the water you’re swimming in isn’t infested with nasty parasites? A recent study conducted by Simon Reid of the The University of Queensland and Una Ryan from Murdoch University Read more about The Nasty’s hiding in your swimming pool[…]

How to backwash a swimming pool sand filter

How to backwash a sand filter

Need to clean your swimming pool sand filter? Got a high pressure reading on your filter’s pressure gauge? Low pressure from your pool’s return jets? It’s probably time to backwash your filter. This article will teach you how to backwash your swimming pool’s sand filter. Backwashing a sand filter pushes water through the sand in Read more about How to backwash a sand filter[…]