Swimming pool leaks can be a a disaster and in some cases, very difficult to find. If your pool is suffering from any of the following, you may have some kind of leak:

  • Water loss (May indicate a serious leak)
  • Air returning to the pool (Potentially a suction leak)
  • Poor suction, sluggish pool cleaner (Again, possible suction leak)
  • Continual loss of pump prime (Almost any kind of leak above ground)

Always be on the lookout for any signs of leaks!

The first step in determining whether of not your pool is leaking is the Bucket Test. The Bucket Test will help you figure out if the pool is losing water due to evaporation or actually leaking water, costing you more money and potentially damaging property.

Once you’ve confirmed that your pool is leaking, the hunt can begin. This is normally a very long hunt, but a good place to start is your swimming pools filtration equipment. Above ground leaks are normally the cheapest to fix and don’t require digging up your back yard. If your pump, filter and pipework are old, it’s likely there may be some issues above ground.

Start by inspecting your multiport valve for any signs of unexplained water, and unscrew your waste barrel union to check for water loss. Water leaking from the waste port is one of the most common leaks and causes of water loss any pool owner can experience.

Check your pump and pipework for water leaks, and ensure all unions are tight. (Not over-tight). If you have air in your pool returns, and you can see air through your pump lid, check your pump unions. If the unions are tight, while the system is running, slowly run a garden hose alone the suction line with just enough flow to cover the pipe. If you see the air disappear through the pump lid, it’s likely that the section of pipe you’re hosing has split.

If you are unable to find any leaks but your problems persist, it’s best to call a professional for assistance. Leak detection companies have high-tech methods of finding leaks including sonar, video, gas and other amazing technology.

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