Automatic Pool Cleaners

Swimming Pool CleanersWhether you’ve got trees around your pool or not, an automatic pool cleaner like a Zodiac Baracuda is a great way to keep your pool surface clean and algae free.

An automatic or robotic pool cleaner can keep the walls, floor and stairs of your pool clean all year round, simply by running your filtration or booster pump.

Buying an automatic pool cleaner can be a difficult decision as you must consider what kind of debris enters your pool, whether you need a robotic, suction or pressure cleaner, diaphragm or hammer cleaner and other factors.

When choosing a new pool cleaner you want to ensure it will be able to clean tight corners in your pool should it have any.

Some of the more popular pool cleaners include the Zodiac G & T series, The Pool Cleaner, Maytronics Robotic Cleaners, Polaris 280, Polaris 360 and more recently the Polaris 3900. There are plenty of other pool cleaners which do a reasonably good job.