Getting your pool ready for summer

Brisbane Pool Cleaner

The weather is heating up and the kids are getting back in the pool. Your pool is in need of some attention, especially if you’ve “winterised” your pool. If your pool has already turned green then it’s too late and you’ll need to check out green pool clean up.


Your filtration is perhaps the most important part of the swimming pool. The filtration system ensures the pool water is clean and ready for swimming!

If you’ve reduced the hours your filtration is running (Or the hours on your Chlorinator), it’s time to raise them up again. Unless there’s special circumstances, or you’ve got a huge pool, 8 hours a day is sufficient run time for your pool.

Brisbane pool filtration system

Give the filter a good backwash or clean your filter cartridges if it hasn’t been done during the winter period, and make sure the rest of the filtration system is in good shape and not leaking. Check your barrel unions, pump, filter and any exposed pipe work for signs of water leakage and ensure the system holds water and no air is returning to the pool. This is a good time to clean out your pump basket and check your cell for calcium buildup as well, as a dirty cell with poor flow will lead to a green pool in no time at all!

The Pool

Your pool water is likely to have taken a beating over winter, especially if the pool has been neglected or the

water unbalanced.

Brisbane Pool Cleaner

Now is a good time to preform a water test using your test kit, or taking a sample to your

local pool shop to have it tested. Getting the water balance right now (Particularly your pool’s salt levels) means less time spent maintaining your pool during the summer time, and more time for swimming!

Give the pool a good clean out, vacuum the whole pool and give it a good broom. Clean out your skimmer basket and consider adding a clarifier and algaecide to your pool. Remember when adding chemicals to run your pool manually for a few hours to allow them to circulate prior to swimming.

Pool CleanerSwimming Pool Cleaners

Check your pool cleaner for anything stuck in the diaphragm or hammer and ensure it’s working correctly. If you’re feeling handy, check the diaphragm for tears or any other issues as this could lead to problems down the line.

Allow your pool cleaner to climb the wall to ensure it’s not “breaching” the surface of the water, and if it is you’ll need to

adjust the speed control valve accordingly.


A little work now can ensure a beautiful clean pool during the summer, and decreased chemical and power costs.