How to clean a cartridge filter

How to clean filter cartridge

Need to clean your swimming pool cartridge filter? Got a high reading on your pressure gauge or poor flow?

It’s probably time to clean your filter cartridges. Cleaning your cartridges is simple, and can be done with your standard garden hose.

To keep your swimming pool filter cartridges in the best possible condition, we recommend you clean them at least once a month. If you notice your filter gauge is higher than normal, or your pool contains heavy debris, it’s probably worth giving them a hose out anyway.

How to clean swimming pool cartridge filter

1. Turn off the pool pump and open the air bleed on top of the filter lid. Allow the water to completely drain before continuing.

2. Remove the locking ring around the lid, and pull the lid from the filter. Keep the lid, locking

ring, air bleed parts and any o-rings together and safe while you clean the cartridges.

3. Remove the filter cartridge, and if it’s a larger filter the cartridge separator.

4. Hose out the filter cartridges completely and ensure any dirt and debris is completely removed. The cleaner the filter is, the better your pool filtration will operate.

5. Reinstall the cartridge and separator and push down hard on the lid to fit it in place. Ensure the lid is properly seated and screw the locking ring back onto the filter.

6. Partially screw the air bleed bolt back into the lid about half way and start the pump. Allow the air to bleed from the filter, and when water comes from the air bleed, screw the bolt in completely ensuring there are no leaks.


That’s it! You’ve cleaned your swimming pool’s cartridge filter and your pool is ready for swimming. Cleaning your filter should be done once a month or when you notice higher than normal operating pressure. If your pool is excessively dirty, you may need to clean your filter more often.

Keep an eye on your filter cartridges for rips, tears or any other damage as they may need to be replaced. Damaged cartridges can lead to poor pool filtration, cloudy water and even turn the pool green!


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