How to clean up a green swimming pool

Green Swimming PoolYou’ve spent hundreds if not thousands maintaining this pool, all for it to turn green one day. Maybe the power went out. Maybe you went away. In any case, a green pool is a filthy addition to any backyard and needs to be dealt with swiftly and long before the in-laws come around for waterpolo training.

Swimming pools can and will turn green, it’s an unfortunate fact of life. A green swimming pool is the result of an algae bloom within the pool because the water hasn’t been sanitised correctly. Below we have provided a number of simple steps, which if followed correctly, should result in hours of swimming fun for you, your kids, and your in-laws.

How to clean up a green pool

1. SHOCK the pool with Chlorine. For an average size 50,000 liter pool, add 2kg of granular Chlorine or 20 – 60 liters liquid chlorine, and 2 litres of acid to lower the pH, and a clarifier to ensure the pool is looking nice when you return.

2. Brush the entire pool surface including steps and walls. This will remove the algae and dirt from the pool surface, ensuring all the bad stuff is in suspension and a lot should be caught by your filter.

3. Run your filtration system constantly for 48 hours. This will circulate the Acid and Chlorine and ensure all algae is removed. It might require you coming back to keep it running, so make sure it’s running the whole 48 hours, non-stop.

4. Vacuum the pool out completely, ensuring there is no debris left on the bottom of your pool. You might need to vacuum your pool to waste, and if you do make sure it’s filled as much as possible.

4. Give the filter a good backwash and rinse, and empty your skimmer and pump baskets.

5. Properly test and balance your pool’s water, and add salt if required. Your pool has most likely turned green due to lack of Chlorine. This could be because your Chlorinator is not producing Chlorine, your Chemigem isn’t dosing the pool, or a number of other reasons. You should investigate why there was no Chlorine present in your water.

You may want to consider adding an algaecide to the pool to prevent algae growth. Green Pool clean up’s can be a lot of work and are often easier left to a swimming pool technician.