Swimming Pool Algae Prevention

Algae on pool stepsDon’t want Algae to take over your swimming pool? The best method is prevention!

Algae is a large group of living organisms, with many different methods of treatment and prevention. While some forms of Algae can be extremely difficult to remove from your pool, others can be dealt with quickly and easily.


Brooming the walls, stairs and sides of your pool is vital to maintaining a healthy pool, and for preventing Algae growth in your swimming pool. Brooming your pool completely once a month will greatly decrease the chances of an Algae outbreak. This can be hard work, and is often easier left to a pool technician.


Algaecide areĀ biocides which kill off algae and prevent their growth. It might pay to consider using an Algaecide once every few months. This can help keep your water algae free and sparkling clean. Be careful when choosing an algaecide and make sure it’s the right one for your pool!

Algae Problems

If you start to see problems occur or the walls of your pool turn green, ensure your filter and pump are operating every day. Broom the algae from the walls, stairs and floor. Get a water test and if Chlorine is low, add some Chlorine. Add an algaecide to your pool every 3 – 4 months to maintain a healthy pool all year round. This should normally take care of any Algae problems before they become serious.

If your swimming pool algae problems become serious, your pool may need to be shocked or flocked and you may want to consult a swimming pool technician.


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