The new Hydrochlor MK3 Mineral Chlorinator by Waterco

Waterco has finally released the next series in the Hydrochlor range – The MK3 Salt/Mineral Chlorinator.

The new MK3 works with both salt water and mineral pools, claims to have a reduced power consumption and has some brand new automatic features which may leave other similarly priced units dead in the water.

Energy Saving

With Switched Mode Power Technology, the MK3 claims to increase energy efficiency by up to 50% by drawing less current, which in turn will reduce the overall power consumption of the unit. Considering the ever increasing energy costs and the numerous new technologies being installed in pools around the country, this could mean more savings for you and more money in the back pocket.

Intelligent Power Pack

The new Hydrochlor’s intelligent power-pack can recognise the size of the cell you have connected and reduce or increase it’s power to suit, so if you ever have to replace a cell there’s no need to worry too much if you’ve purchased the incorrect cell. One of the major benefits here is that if you ever decide to upgrade to a bigger chlorinator, it’s only the cell you’re replacing and not the entire unit.

The Basics

The easy to use timer will be familiar to most, and has a battery backup for up to 150 hours should you lose power, or if you’re running the unit on tariff 33 which is one of the reasons why this chlorinator is going to become a huge competitor in the market.

Like most Waterco Chlorinators, the new Hydrochlor MK3 is a self-cleaning or reverse polarity unit. This enables the unit to switch the polarity of the cell plates causing calcium build-up to free itself, keeping the cell clean, increasing it’s lifespan and allows the unit to continue producing chlorine well into the future without you having to constantly clean the cell. The new unit comes with all the other basic features such as “no flow” power cut-off, timer control, chlorine output control, low and high salt warning light and alarm and the like.