July 19, 2015

Pump & Filter Service and Repairs Brisbane


Just like everything else, your swimming pool pump needs regular attention and maintenance to ensure you get the maximum life-span from your equipment. If your pool pump has become noisy, suction has become poor and your cleaner has stopped working or if your pump simply wont start it’s likely your pump needs immediate attention.

Luckily, Brisbane Pool Services offers a fast and hassle-free pool service to ensure your pool is ready to enjoy, when you want it.

Sit back and relax while we take care of your pool maintenance.

Our Skilled Technicians will:

  • Inspect & Monitor your swimming pool pump for issues
  • Inspect and clear impeller / diffuser of debris
  • Inspect Filter, Multiport and Pipework for defects or other issues
  • Inspect Sanitisation equipment
    • Calcium build-up on Chlorinator Cell & Health of Electrode checked
    • Chemigem Feed Tubing, Tapping Band, solenoid valve / peristaltic pump, checked for issues
    • Checking correct time and timers, altering times as desired (Hours adjusted for you automatically with regular servicing.)
  • Ensuring over-all health of filtration equipment and other recommendations


It’s fast and easy.

We have Swimming Pool Maintenance Technicians based in North Brisbane, and would be happy to service your swimming pool filtration equipment today! We can also provide you with additional swimming pool maintenance tips to help keep your pool cleaner for longer.

Need an emergency swimming pool service in North Brisbane? Has your pool gone green or brown? Contact us and we’ll service your swimming pool today!